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Wet Personal Lubricants Dive into the world of unparalleled intimacy with Wet Personal Lubricants, where tradition meets innovation to redefine your pleasure experience. Founded in 1989 by visionary Michael Trigg, Wet by Trigg Laboratories stands as a tit

Wet Personal Lubricants

Dive into the world of unparalleled intimacy with Wet Personal Lubricants, where... 

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    Compatible with all toys, feels natural, and is easy to clean. May dry out and need reapplication or water to reactivate.

    Shop Water-Based Sex Lubes 

    Long-lasting and waterproof, perfect for shower play. Not suitable for silicone toys; requires soap for cleanup.

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    Offers silicone's durability with water-based lube's cleanliness. Generally safe for toys, providing a balanced, silky experience.

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    • Recommendation: Water-based lubricant
    • Why: Gentle on sensitive skin, compatible with all condom types, and easy to clean up. Ideal for enhancing natural moisture and comfort.
    Shop Vaginal Sex Lubes 

    • Recommendation: Silicone-based lubricant
    • Why: Offers long-lasting slickness and is thicker, which is essential for the comfort and safety of anal play. Not suitable for use with silicone toys.
    Shop Anal Sex Lubes 

    • Recommendation: Thick, water-based or hybrid lubricant
    • Why: Provides the cushion and long-lasting slickness needed for comfort and safety. Avoids silicone toy damage and is easier to clean than pure silicone lubes.
    Shop Fisting Sex Lubes 

    • For Penis Owners: Masturbation Creams are typically Oil-based, making them last longer than Water-based.
    • For Vulva Owners: Water-based or hybrid lubricant
    Shop Masturbation Sex Lubes 
  • TOYS

    • Recommendation: Water-based lubricant
    • Why: Safe for use with all types of sex toys, including silicone. It won’t degrade toy materials and is easy to clean off.
    Shop Toy Compatible Sex Lubes 

    • Recommendation: Hybrid lubricant mimicking cum
    • Why: Enhances fantasy play with a realistic feel, combines long-lasting slickness. Perfect for adding a visual and tactile dimension to intimacy.
    Shop Cum play Sex Lubes 
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