Collection: Easy Clean-Up

Make the afterglow your favorite part of the show with's Easy Clean-Up section, where tidying up is as breezy as your play. Curated for pleasure-seekers who love to dive deep without the hassle of a lengthy clean-up, our selection is your secret weapon for swift, effortless post-play maintenance. Wave goodbye to the buzzkill of cleanup and say hello to more time basking in the bliss of your intimate adventures. From ultra-absorbent wipes that whisk away residue in a wink to sprays that sanitize and refresh your cherished playthings, we’ve got the magic potions to keep your naughty drawer in tip-top condition.

Whether you're a solo artist or a duet dreaming up your next escapade, our Easy Clean-Up collection ensures that you can slide from climax to cozy with the snap of your fingers. Discover the joys of hassle-free hygiene at Ready to play hard and clean up easy?

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