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Slube Pure Bath Based Lube 2 x 250g Sachets for 2 baths - Double Pack

Slube Pure Bath Based Lube 2 x 250g Sachets for 2 baths - Double Pack

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Slip, slide and slather your partner in the silky-smooth sensations of Slube! Immerse yourself into an explosion of fragrance and color with the Cocktail Editions, indulge in a pool of luxurious lubricant with Pure, or take a wild ride with the hardcore Black Leather version!

Whether you use Slube as a sexy massage gel, chill and relax in your bathtub of delight or take things up a notch by getting down and dirty, you'll never look at your bathtub in the same way again!


  • Bath Based Lubricant
  • Simply Mix, Use, & Drain
  • A Sexy Massage Gel
  • Chill & Relax
  • Kick it Up a Notch by Getting Down & Dirty


  • Using Slube is easy! Fill up your bathtub, as per the included instructions, sprinkle the Slube crystals over the water and watch as the Slube-y sensations begin to form right in front of your eyes! Once you're done, simply add more water to dilute it and then pull the plug. Then, as your Slube disappears down the drain, wave a tearful goodbye... until next time of course!


  • Acrylamide Sodium, Acrylate Copolymer, CAS 25987-30-8, Color, Perfume*


  • Please note this product becomes very slippery. Care must be taken when entering and leaving the bath tub. Not suitable for motorized Jacuzzies or spa baths. Not suitable for use when pregnant.


Simple and angelic, our Slube Pure is colour and scent free. If you’re new to the world of Slube, our Pure version is a great way to begin your slippery, sensual journey!

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