Collection: Stroke 29

Experience the revolutionary transformation of pleasure with Stroke 29 by Gun Oil, the personal lubricant that evolves with your touch. Beginning as a thick, luxurious cream, Stroke 29 is designed to change with you, absorbing the energy from friction and body heat to metamorphose around the 29th stroke into a clear, ultra-slick fluid.

This unique formula offers a super long-lasting glide that takes self-pleasure to an entirely new level. Feel the extraordinary change as it happens, propelling you into uncharted territories of enjoyment. Infused with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, Stroke 29 not only provides an unparalleled glide but also minimizes irritation, softens skin, and protects tissues, ensuring your journey to climax is as comfortable as it is thrilling. Discover the magic behind the 29th stroke and elevate your solo sessions to a dimension of pleasure you've never known.

Dive into the sensual world of Stroke 29 on and unlock the secret to a more satisfying self-pleasure experience. Are you ready to see what the 29th stroke has in store for you?

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