Collection: Slube Bath Based Lube

Transform your intimate moments into an unforgettable sensory journey with SLUBE Personal Lubricant, now available on Slip, slide, and slather your way to ecstasy with Slube’s range of uniquely engaging products. Whether you're exploring the vibrant, scented delights of the Cocktail Editions, luxuriating in the slick, unscented embrace of Pure, or venturing into the daring depths of the hardcore Black Leather version, SLUBE offers a tantalizing twist on traditional lubricants.

Designed for versatile use, SLUBE can be enjoyed as a sexy massage gel, a relaxing bath additive, or as an enhancement to your most adventurous intimate encounters. Immerse yourself and your partner in a pool of luxurious, silky-smooth lubricant that transforms your bathtub—and your experience—into a den of delight. With SLUBE, every application is an invitation to explore new dimensions of pleasure and relaxation, ensuring that you'll never look at your bathtub in the same way again.

Dive into the world of SLUBE on and choose from an explosion of fragrance and color, or the understated elegance of Pure. No matter your preference, SLUBE is designed to elevate your sensual experiences, making every touch more enjoyable and every moment more memorable. Ready to slide into a new realm of pleasure? Discover SLUBE Personal Lubricant and redefine your idea of intimacy.

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